040313020  ฟิสิกส์พื้นฐาน (Fundamentals of Physics)



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1. Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, Tenth Edition. Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett,  Cengage Learning.

2. Fundamentals of Physics Hallidays ,forth edition .D.,Resnick R.& Walker J., John Wiley & sons.,1988.


Tentative Schedule

Week Topics Homework
1 Vector; rectilinear;  
2 Projectile motion; curvilinear motion; rotation equations  
3 Newton’s law of motion; work; energy;power;  
4 Linear momentum ; collision;  
5 Angular momentum; torque;  
6 Oscillation; simple harmonics motion;  
7 Wave equation; sound wave ;Doppler effect;  
8 Heat and thermodynamics;  
9 Midterm Exam  
10 Coulomb’s force;electric field;potential  
11 DC curcuit;electro magnetic force  
12 Electro magnetic field  
13 Properties of light waves  
14 Geometric optics of mirrors and thin lenses  
15 Modern Physics;nature and properties of photons  
16 Final Exam